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1. Terms of Use of the TiD-Extra d.o.o.
2. Frequently asked questions and warranty
3. Canceling and Restoring Orders
4. Delivery
5. Payment
6. Complaints
7. Service

1. Terms of Use of the TiD-Extra d.o.o.

Terms of Use of Content from the portal tid-extra.com are governed by these Terms of Use of Content and it is considered that users are always familiar with the Content Terms and Conditions that are in effect and that they understand and accept them in their entirety. This site is owned by TiD-Extra d.o.o. Slatine 6, 40315 Mursko Središće. OIB: 95460557222 in the further context tid-extra.hr.
Terms of Use of Content
By using the content of these web pages, it is considered that users are familiar with these terms and any risks arising from the use of these web sites and accept the use of these web sites exclusively for non-commercial purposes, for personal use and at their own risk. TiD - extra d.o.o. can not be held liable for any damages incurred by using any part of the content. Tid-extra d.o.o. puts copyright on all its contents (textual, visual, database, and developer code). Unauthorized use of any part of the website without the permission of the copyright owner is considered a copyright infringement of tid-extra.hr and is subject to a lawsuit.
Information and pictures on tid-extra.hr informative content website and TiD-extra d.o.o. reserves the right to change or terminate any content on the Portal without prior notice. TiD-extra d.o.o. it does not respond to any consequences caused by changes in content. TiD-extra d.o.o. is also not liable for any damages caused by typographical errors.
The website tid-extra.hr consists of its own content, content of business partners and suppliers, content created by visitors and links to external sites. TiD-extra d.o.o. has no control over the content of external sites, and fully disclaims any liability with respect to the contents of any web sites created by third parties.
The business relationship between visitors and advertisers on this website is a matter of business and visitor agreement. TiD-extra d.o.o. is not responsible for any damages caused by advertising on its portal or for any damages caused by the use of business ads published on this site.
This portal respects the privacy of its users and visitors portal. User data will not be available to a third party except when such a payer is regulated by law. TiD-extra d.o.o. may, in accordance with the law, collect certain user information obtained through the use of the portal. These data TiD-extra d.o.o. is used solely to improve and enhance the portal and its content. Portals Users strictly forbidden:
- Publishing, sending, and exchanging content that violates existing Croatian or international laws, content that is offensive, vulgar, threatening, racist or chauvinistic and otherwise harmful in any way - publishing, sending, and exchanging data for which a visitor knows or assumes that they are fake and whose use may cause harm to other users - false representation, or representation on behalf of another legal or natural person - conceal the origin of the content that is published or sent via the portal tid-extra.hr - Publishing, sending, and sharing content that is copyright protected - Publishing, sending, and exchanging unwanted content to users without their consent or search, or through objection - Consciously publishing, sending and exchanging content that contains viruses or similar computer files or programs designed to destroy or restrict the operation of any computer software and / or hardware and telecommunications equipment - collecting, storing and publishing personal information of other portal and user visitors Comments from users or third parties posted on this portal do not reflect the views of the owner and the portal administrator. TiD-extra d.o.o. reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time and shall not be liable for any possible consequences resulting from such changes. These changes will take effect by publishing on this web site.

2. Frequently asked questions and warranty

1) Who is the authorized distributor and service for the Milwaukee tool brand in the Republic of Croatia?
TiD-Extra d.o.o. Slatine 6, HR-40315 Mursko Središće,
tel: +385 40 544 541 | fax: +385 40 544 542
Working hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 - 15:30
[email protected] | tel: +385 40 544 541 | fax: +385 40 544 542

2) How long does the basic guarantee last?
The basic guarantee for all tools and equipment is one year.

3) What does the basic guarantee cover?
The basic warranty covers all the defects that have arisen during the manufacturing process. It also covers the deficiencies caused by the tool or equipment management but under certain conditions. That is, use of tools and equipment according to the instructions in the user guide booklet.

3) What does not cover the basic guarantee?
The basic warranty DOES NOT cover the physical damage of the tool, it does not cover the consumables for the normal operation of the tool. Some battery and power tools have brushes, brushes do not fall under the warranty as a rubber cord, say on an electric grinder. On some tools, there are some parts that fall under consumables, and that consumables do not come under warranty. Product malfunctions resulting from improper use and / or non-handling according to the instructions are not warranted.

4) Do I need to keep my bill and guarantee sheet?
The account confirms each other that we have received the delivery of the product or service. The account is important because it has the power of contract between the seller and the buyer. Also keep your bill and warranty list. Without your account and warranty list you can not exercise your right to a guarantee! Frequent customer practice is the opening of a special recorder or envelope that stores all accounts and warranties. In addition, you can always take photos or scan your account and warranty card with Smartphone or other device. And this can be a sort of archive, at least so that you can find and issue a duplicate of the original account on the basis of the photo sales point.

5) Do I need to keep the packaging and user instructions?
The original product packaging and instructions may require you for several reasons. Keep them as long as possible. You are required to sell product information with the product. If you have not got them - ask them at the point of sale.

6) Do I need to read the user manual?
Technology, features, and limitations of the device are changing. Something that might have been worth a very similar product a few years ago is likely to be no longer valid. And vice versa. In the instructions, you can often find the functionality of the devices that did not matter to you when buying, and could be of benefit to you. The product that is fully used is the best purchase.

7) And disposal of electric and electronic waste?
Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Equipment (EE Equipment) means all products that are, for their proper operation, dependent on electricity or electromagnetic fields, as well as production, transmission and measurement equipment, and intended for use at a voltage not exceeding 1,000 V for alternating and 1.500 V for DC. When an electric or electronic device vendor decides to discard it, whether due to a failure or replacement for a new, better device, then this device becomes an electrical or electronic waste (EE Waste).

8) How to dispose of EE waste?
In the Republic of Croatia there is an organized free system of disposal of EE waste through authorized collectors.

You can order free of charge all types of EE waste in the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia in several ways:
by calling the toll-free number 0800 444 110 (8am to 8pm business day)
via SMS to 098 444 110
by entering the order on the website www.eeotpad.com
via e-mail [email protected]
Also, EE waste can also be taken personally to the nearest recyclable yard recycling yard - collecting centers.

9) What is the extended warranty?
TiD-extra d.o.o. offers an extended warranty for the battery and power tool for a total duration of 3 years only if the user / end-user registers the tool no later than 30 days from the date of purchase (date on the buyer's account).

10) Where can I register for extended warranty?
Registration is done via this link below, which is also mentioned in the paperwork that goes with the tool.

11) What does the extended warranty cover?
It covers the same things as the basic guarantee.

12) How long does the extended warranty last?
The extended warranty lasts for two years (for a total of 3 years) but exclusively for the electro and acoustic tools.

13) When no extended warranty is recognized?
In case the registration has occurred after 30 days from the day of purchase, the extended warranty is not acknowledged.

14) What is Everything Looking At When Receiving a Service? Required documentation for obtaining a guarantee right including a guarantee sheet, an account and a valid guarantee sheet of extended warranty (please do not send a tool if it is warranted without the necessary documentation). Tool appearance, visible jamming, damage, and similar marks of improper use of the tool or overload if there is no visible outer mark

3. Cancellation and Returns of Orders

IYou are entitled to full refund if you have purchased the goods within 14 days of receipt of the goods. You can do it for any reason, even if you just changed your mind. The 14-day period does not apply to the following: * A special order for a particular person / company based on a written offer. * Emergency repairs if you call a repair engineer to repair on your location, you can not cancel the job after you've already agreed on the service and the term in writing. How to cancel a purchase The refund period expires 7 working days after the receipt of the goods. For service contracts, the deadline expires 14 working days after the date of the conclusion of the contract. You must return unsorted goods within 14 days after receipt of the goods and notify you of the withdrawal of the purchase, and you must send a written statement by post, return receipt, telephone call or personal delivery to the vendor's address. TiD-extra d.o.o. you must return the money within 14 days of receipt of your cancellation notice, only by submitting evidence of the return of the goods (returnees). Refunds include all the shipping costs you have paid when you purchase. TiD-extra d.o.o. does not bear the costs of the return of the goods and the buyer is obliged to deliver the goods at the expense of the return. The merchant should inform you that you have to pay the costs of returning the goods. If a merchant fails to do so, he will bear the cost. You do not have to pay any other fees you have not been notified. The merchant must provide you with at least an estimate of the costs of return of the goods. TiD-extra d.o.o. estimates that larger packages are up to 112.54kn At the same time, we kindly ask you to fill in your hand with the hand FORM FOR ONE-SIDED TERMINATION OF BUYING PRODUCTS or a web shop provided through an Internet order

4. Delivery

Delivery for purchased goods is provided throughout Croatia, and is done within 2-5 business days, including the islands. Performing is our outsourced partner specializing in deliveries.

5. Payment

Payments are made exclusively by viral and internet banking on the giro account specified in the offer generated by our merchants.

6. Complaints

If it is found that during the purchase the product had a hidden disadvantage or damage, we will replace you with a damaged new tool. A defective / defective technical product must be obtained from the Authorized Service Provider of "Malfunction and Irreparable Verification". Based on that confirmation, you will be entitled to the new product within the warranty period.

7. Service

TiD-Extra d.o.o. is an authorized Milwaukee brand service. We provide complete service in warranty and non-warranty for electrical and battery tools. In order to provide the highest quality service we have created a special team of highly qualified specialists who possess all Milwaukee Tool Certificates. Manufacturers are equipped with all the tools and tool accessories needed for professional service, which reduces waiting times to repair to a minimum. We only provide original spare parts! In addition to many advantages, we also do the on-site service of user training.

Our info

TiD-extra d.o.o., HR – 40315 Mursko Središće, Slatine 6, p.p. 9
Phone: +385 40 543 991 Sales: + 385 40 544 514 Finance: + 385 40 544 515 Fax: +385 40 544 542

Registered in the Registry Court in Varaždin with the Decision no: : Tt-95/2013-2\n Base capital: 20200,00 kn
Directorate: D. Jurinić, T. Fučko OIB: 95460557222 VAT: HR95460557222 MBS: 0525928

Transaction Accounts:
Zagrebačka banka: IBAN HR58 2360000 1101217628
Splitska banka: IBAN HR73 2330003 1153525396

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