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1. About us
2. What are Personal Information?
3. Use of personal data
4. Legal Obligations and Remedies
5. Use the home page of TiD-Extra d.o.o.
6. Collecting personal data from other sources
7. The way we share personal information
8. Processing personal data of children
9. Processing special categories of personal data
10. Security
11. Your legal rights
12.Retention of Your Personal Information
13. Amendments to this Privacy Policy
14. Contact information

Version 1 of Privacy Policy Last Review: 24/05/2018.

1.About us

"We", TiD-extra d.o.o., Slatine 6, 40315 Mursko Središće, Croatia OIB: HR 95460557222 ("TiD-extra d.o.o.") is responsible for processing the personal information we collect from you or about you. For example: we collect your personal information from a business relationship, visit our website or use our software application. Given our headquarters in the European Union, we process your personal information in accordance with European Data Protection Law and the resulting legal provisions. Since its inception in 1993, the company's main goal is to improve the process of manufacturing our customers. We are ready to meet your requirements at all times thanks to the continuous investment in technical equipment, continuous education and accountable approach.

Through constant presentations, testing, education, service support and advisory role we have built up quality long-term partnership relationships based on trust and responsibility. More than 20 years of experience with steady development and focus on production process demands make progress to our esteemed customers. We represent world-renowned companies from Japan to the USA and are jointly oriented to industrial production. The basis of our business is to respect the rules of the profession and the responsibility for the job done.

2. What are Personal Information?

Personal data represents information that determines you as an individual, either directly or indirectly, indirectly in combination with other information, such as your name, address, e-mail address and phone number or OIB.

3. Use of personal data

We use your personal information for the purposes described below. We do not collect or process a larger number or other type of personal data than the ones required to fulfill the purpose. We only use personal information provided for this Privacy Policy unless you specifically give your consent for the different use of your personal information. If we intend to use your personal information that we process with your consent for any purpose other than those stated in such consent, we will notify you in advance and in cases where the processing is based on your consent, use your personal information for other purposes only with your permission.

• Data for registration and direct communication
For most services we collect your personal information, such as: name, address, phone number and e-mail address ("Registration Data"). We use your registration information to communicate with you about our services and to notify you our policies and terms and we also use your registration information to be able to respond to you when you contact us.

• Participation in panel research
If you choose to participate in the panel, apart from the registration information, additional information is needed, including the room information.

We collect such personal information:

-the time of the survey conducted on the internet, by telephone or in direct conversation,

- Automatic data collection using hardware or software web tracking and metering tools (tracking apps, browser plug-ins, TV meters and special internet routers (data on your use of the Internet, Live Event Platforms and Social Media and other (online) media channels, as well as digital devices in general),

-code participation (eg using an application or device under the common name "panel data"). We will analyze and evaluate these panel data, merge panel data with panel data from other participants, and use panel data solely for market research purposes. Please see the appropriate forms of consent for specific market research projects, and for more detailed information and our advertising policy (below).

• Google Analytics is a cookie tracking platform that collects information about advertising contacts and streaming media related to online market research panels offering TiD-extra d.o.o. and third-party vendors, as well as for general population measurement that does not refer to specific panels. TiD-extra d.o.o. uses personal data collected or obtained from Google Analytics for data analysis, market research, advertising impact research, and survey of visitors. Cookies are not intended for direct advertising to the research participants

Use customer data for advertising purposes
For the sake of continual improvement and improvement of our services, it may happen that we send you e-mail advertising related to our business that you might be interested in. You can select the types of messages you want to receive by updating the setup email at any time. You can also check out at any time.

Consent: We will not use your personal information for advertising purposes except with your express and explicit consent. Joining Panel as a Panel member is voluntary. However, if you choose to join the Panel, you will be required to give your consent to process your personal information. If you are under the age of 16, you can join the Panel only with the permission of your parent or legal guardian.

However, when it comes to existing customers, we can use your email address we received from you within our existing business relationship with our clients to provide you with advertising material related to similar products or services you've previously sought to use or in which you have participated. You may not approve such use of your personal information as soon as the data is collected, as well as whenever the message is sent. To exclude you from email marketing, follow the instructions in the email you receive. Under no circumstances will we be advertising advertisers to market research participants.

4. Legal Obligations and Remedies

From TiD-extra d.o.o. may be required to use and retain personal data for legal reasons or for the purposes of law compliance such as prevention, detection or investigation of crimes, damage prevention, fraud or other misuse of our services and IT systems.
We may also use your personal information to meet the requirements of our internal and external auditing for the purposes of information security, or to protect or enforce the rights, privacy, security or property belonging to us or to third parties.

5. Use the home page of TiD-Extra d.o.o. (Www.TiD-extra.hr)

This Privacy Policy also applies to your use of our web site at www.tid-extra.hr with the following privacy mechanisms and features:

- Cookies: Our web site uses cookies and other technologies to enhance user experience and enhance web site performance, simplicity and security for users. See our cookie policy for all the details!

- Parts of our web site use Google Analytics to personalize your online experience. Google Analytics uses logs to help TiD-extra d.o.o. in providing services, maintaining service quality, and providing general, anonymous statistics on the use of the web site. Only if you voluntarily provide us with identification information, such as name, email address, mailing address and phone number for business purposes, these data may be linked to the automatically collected data. Google Analytics also uses cookies to help personalize your online experience. For more detailed information, see the Google Analytics detailed cookie policy.

Third-Party Websites: As a convenience to our visitors, this web site contains links to multiple non-related websites that we do not control and which we do not control. The policies and procedures outlined here do not apply to those web sites. We are not responsible for the security or privacy of the data collected by these third parties. We suggest that you directly contact these websites for information on their privacy policy.

6. Collecting personal data from other sources

Sometimes we can collect personal information about you from other sources, other than yourself. For example, this may be the case if you are registered with market research panel service providers as a participant and we work with this service provider to find the participants in our research. Then, the panel service provider, in accordance with your privacy policy and with your due consent to your practice, will transfer your personal information to us so that we can contact you. If the panel service provider has not already notified you about transferring your personal information to us, then we will do so during the first contact and we will provide you with all the information that is shared with us.

Specifically, we collect personal data from public domains of social media platforms using third-party data and analytics tools that archive social media data released through open profiles or channels on social networks or platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Please refer to the privacy policies of the aforementioned service providers for more detailed information on their data collection and processing practices. TiD-extra d.o.o. uses data collected on social media platforms and other web sites to systematically provide its customers with comprehensive reports and links related to public information.

In addition, we may also collect personal information about exhibiting participants in market research projects by advertising and appropriate media content from other sources, such as advertising networks, social media platforms, and web sites, and mobile application servers. If we do this, we need the prior consent of the data gathering participants. Participants must notify the sources from which we collect personal information about them. We use this kind of secondary data to enrich the data we collect from the participants during their participation in the panel, in order to provide better insight to our clients. If we collect personal information about you from other sources, we either make sure that the source has informed you in advance of the transfer, or we notify you during the first contact that we have received your personal information and provide all the information we are required by law.

7. The way we share personal information
We will only disclose your information for those purposes and third parties listed below. TiD-extra d.o.o. it will take appropriate steps to ensure that your personal data is processed, secured, and transmitted in accordance with the applicable law.

1. Your Personal Information
Your personal information may be transferred to one or more subsidiaries and partners of TiD-Extra d.o.o. groups when it is necessary to process and store data, provide access to our services, provide customer support, make decisions on improving our services, improving customer satisfaction, and other purposes from this Privacy Policy. We do not disclose personally identifiable information from market research projects to third parties outside TiD-extra d.o.o. unless the participants have given their express prior consent specifically for this purpose.

2. External Providers
When this is necessary, we will authorize other companies and individuals to perform certain tasks and thus contribute to our services, on our behalf, which are covered by the subject of a data processing agreement. For example, we may provide personal information to authorized agencies, contractors or partners for hosting our databases and applications to provide data processing services to provide you with information you are looking for or call centers to provide test support services during market research projects . We will share or make available this information to external service providers only if this is necessary to provide our services. Overseas Providers may not use this information for any other purpose, especially for their own or for the needs of third parties. The external service providers that TiD-extra d.o.o. Engaged by the Contract, you agree to respect the confidentiality of your personal information.

3.Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
For Customer Relationship Management (CRM), contact information [name, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address] of our clients, contractor or other contractual partners is kept on the servers of our service partners in Germany, see chapter for our international data transfer policy.

4. Business transfers
In connection with any reorganization, restructuring, merger or sale, or other transfer of assets (commonly referred to as "Business Transfer"), we will effect the transfer of data, including personal data, to a reasonable extent and, if necessary, for a business transfer and provided the receiving party agrees to keep your personal information in a manner consistent with applicable data protection laws. We will continue to ensure the confidentiality of all personal data and notify all involved participants before personal data becomes the subject of control of another Privacy Policy.

5.State Offices
We will only disclose your personal information to the civil service if this is prescribed by law. TiD-extra d.o.o. Examples will work, respond to court requests, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies, and other public and state agencies that may include services beyond your country of residence.

6. International transfers of personal data
Under certain conditions, it will be necessary that TiD-extra d.o.o. transfer your personal data to countries outside the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA), so-called. "third countries". Such transfers to third countries may relate to all data processing activities described in this Privacy Policy Section. This Privacy Policy applies even when we transfer personal data to third countries where different levels of data protection apply than in your country of residence. In particular, international data transfer can be applied within the following scenarios:

- Legal Third Person TiD-Extra d.o.o.
TiD-extra d.o.o. outside the European Union have concluded intra-company data protection agreements using standard contractual clauses accepted by the European Commission to protect your privacy and legalize international data transfer.

- Other third countries outside the EU / European Economic Area
Any transfer of personal data to third parties outside TiD-extra d.o.o. will be performed with your prior notification and, if necessary, your consent. Any transfer of personal data to countries other than those for which a decision on the appropriate degree of data protection by the European Commission has been made and which are listed at http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/international-transfers/adequacy /index_en.htm, is implemented on the basis of contractual agreements using the standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission or other appropriate insurance in accordance with the applicable law.

8. Processing personal data of children

TiD-extra d.o.o. will not collect or process personal data of children under the age of 16 - or under the age of majority - except with the consent of the parent, according to the applicable local law. If we come to the knowledge that the personal information of a child is inadvertently collected, we will delete such information without delay.

9. Processing special categories of personal data

In some cases, we may process special categories of personal information that concern you ("sensitive data"). Sensitive data refers to personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, union membership, genetic data, biometric data for a unique identification of a natural person, health or sexual life or sexual orientation of a natural person. For example, we can handle sensitive information that you have obviously published. In addition, if necessary, we can process sensitive data to determine, enforce, or defend the legal requirements. We may also process your sensitive data if you have previously given your explicit and explicit consent to a particular context for a particular purpose, for example, during your market research participation.


TiD-extra d.o.o. is seriously related to data security. We apply the appropriate degree of security and therefore we have introduced legitimate physical, electronic, and administrative procedures to protect the information we collect, from any accident or unlawful destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data that is transmitted, stored or otherwise processed. Our policies and procedures for data protection are closely aligned with widely accepted international standards and are regularly revised and updated to meet our business needs, technological change and legal regulations. Access to your personal information is only available to those employees, service providers or TiD-extra d.o.o. groups that are necessarily for business reasons, or are necessary for doing business. If there is an intrusion into data security, involving personal data, TiD-extra d.o.o. will abide by all applicable laws on disclosure of data entry security.

11. Your legal rights

As the person to whom the data relates, you have certain legal rights that relate to the personal information we collect from you. This applies to all data processing activities prescribed in this Privacy Policy. TiD-extra d.o.o. respects your individual rights and accordingly applies to your interests. The following statements include information about your legal rights under the applicable law on data protection:

Right to withdraw consent: In cases where personal data processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw this consent at any time by following the procedures described in the appropriate consent form. We ensure that consent can be withdrawn by the same means as it is given - for example, electronically. As a market research participant, it's important to note that by withdrawing your consent, you most often end your participation in the appropriate project and you will no longer meet the award criteria or incentives that TiD-extra d.o.o. in the end it can offer to the participants.

Right to Correction: We can offer you correction of your personal information. We make reasonable efforts to maintain the personal information we have or manage, which is being used continuously, accurate, complete, current and relevant, based on the latest information available to us. In appropriate cases, we offer service-based Internet portals where users can view and correct their personal information.

Limitation: We may offer you a restriction on the use of your personal information if: - you dispute the accuracy of your personal information in the time period required to verify the accuracy of the data - is processing illegal and requires processing limitation instead of deleting personal data - we are no longer you need your personal information, but you are looking for them to determine, enforce or defend your legal rights, or - you have a complaint about the processing until we determine whether our legal basis prevails over yours.

Right to Access: You can access information about the personal information we have about you, including information about which categories of personal information we own or control, for which purposes we use them, where we have collected them (if not directly from you) and for whom they are published, if needed. You can get a free copy of the personal information we have about you. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for each additional copy you request.

Right to portability: upon your request, we will transfer your personal information to the other controller, when technically feasible, provided that the processing is based on your consent or is required to perform the contract. Instead of obtaining a copy of your personal data, you may be required to transfer the data to the other controller you specified.

Right to Delete: We can allow you to delete your personal information when personal data is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected or otherwise processed; you have the right to complain against further processing of your personal information (see below) and you are exercising this right of complaint; o If processing is based on your consent, you withdraw your consent and there is no other legal basis for processing; o personal data are processed in an unlawful manner; unless processing is necessary due to compliance with the legal obligation on the basis of which we are obliged to process; in particular with legal requirements for data retention; o for the determination, enforcement or defense of legal rights.

Right to Objection: You have the right to oppose processing your personal information at any time due to the particular situation in which you are located, provided that the processing is not based on your consent but on our legitimate interests of a third party. In that case, we will no longer process your personal information unless we can prove that there is a strong legal basis and a legitimate interest in processing or establishing, enforcing, or defending legal rights. If you object to the processing, please indicate whether you want to delete or restrict your personal information.

Right to Appeal: In the event of an alleged violation of the applicable privacy policy, you may file a complaint with the relevant data protection authority in the country where you live or where an alleged violation has occurred.

Please note:
Time period: We will try to fulfill your request within 30 days. This period may be extended for special reasons regarding a particular legal right or the complexity of your application.

Access Restriction: In certain situations, we may not be able to provide you access to all or some of your personal information due to statutory provisions. If we decline your access request, we will notify you of the reason for the refusal.

No Identification: In some cases, we will not be able to check your personal information for the identification information you provided in your request. Two examples of personal information we can not verify when you submit your name and email address are: - Data collected through the browser cookie, unless you have consented to the use of cookies for market research purposes as a member of TiD-Extra d.o.o. online panel, and you are still a member of this panel at the time of requesting, - data collected from public social media sites, if you have posted a comment under a nickname that is not known to us. In such cases, when we can not identify you as the person to whom the data relate, we are unable to fulfill your legal rights claim under this chapter unless you provide us with additional information that will allow your identification.

Obtaining Your Legal Rights: To achieve your legal rights, please contact our privacy service in writing or in the form of text, by email or by letter. You can contact us at our e-mail address. For contact information, please see the Privacy Policy at the end.

12. Retention of Your Personal Information

We will generally delete the personal information we collect from you if they are no longer needed to achieve the goals for which they were originally collected. However, we may be required to retain your personal information for a longer period, due to statutory provisions. In addition, we will not delete all your personal information if you have asked us to not contact you in the future. For this purpose, TiD-extra d.o.o. keeps records containing information about people who do not want to be contacted again in the future (eg through group emails or recruitment for market research projects). Our belief is that it is your consent to keep your personal information for the purpose of keeping such records unless you tell us otherwise.

13. Amendments to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy at our own discretion and to update and update this Privacy Policy at any time. For this reason, we encourage you to continually invoke this Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy is valid from the date of the last revision at the top of this page.
We will use your personal information in a manner consistent with the Privacy Policy under which they are collected unless we have your consent to use them differently.

14. Kontakt podaci

Your requests regarding the subject of data protection and all the requirements for the realization of your legal rights can be sent:

TiD-extra d.o.o.
Slatine 6
40315 Mursko Središće

Or e-mail: [email protected]

Or phone: +385 (0) 40 544 541

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